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Pepsi Paid One Million Dollars For Their New Logo. You Don’t Have To!

pepsi1Every time I see the new Pepsi logo, first I think it’s ugly. Then I remember how I read an article about how they spent a million dollars on it and it looked a lot like their old Diet Pepsi logo from 1975.

The company that designed their logo probably felt that for a million dollars they had to really justify their new design.

A leaked document about the design process had all sorts of strange theories about the angle of the bulge representing innovation and the future, the proportions of the Mona Lisa, and the “Hindu tradition of numerical harmony as spatial organizer.”

But, A Great Looking Logo IS Important

You can always tell when somebody with no design experience created their own logo in a graphic design program they didn’t really know how to use.

If a company can’t be bothered to take their own image seriously, I am pretty skeptical that they will take the work they do for me (or the products they sell) very seriously.

It also makes it really hard to do any other marketing — websites, brochures, social media — when you start with a poor logo.

So Get A Bunch Of Designers Competing For Your Business

Here is where the solution comes in.

Getting a new logo that looks great is surprisingly easy. We work with a company called 99designs.

The really cool part is how the company works:

It is like a design contest where designers are competing for your businesses. And if you are not happy at the end you don’t pay anything.

You decide how much you want to spend, choose some styles and colors you like, give a little bit of information about your company, and that’s it.

For $299 you will get around 30 designers competing to make an awesome logo for you.

You then get to choose your favorites, give specific feedback for changes and adjustments, and finally you pick the winner. Easy, and actually really fun.

If you do want to check them out, just click this link. And let us know how it went. We want to see your new logo and share your story.

Try 99designs: http://ninetyninedesigns.7eer.net/c/218700/185967/3172