Want to boost your open rate and get more responses without having to write any new emails?

Cool, it’s really simple:


I’ll go into specific details that you can apply, but that’s really the crux of it.

Sales 101 = Ask (or Tell) More Than Once

It’s been happening over the phone for years.

For example, you get a call reminding you of an upcoming dental appointment.

Or in business to business sales, seasoned vets will always ask for the sale more than once. Even during the same call.

Then they’ll call back after a week to see if you’ve made your decision.

Yet it’s shocking how many people spend time packaging a service, writing an email about it, and cultivating a list of subscribers…

Then they click a button and cross their fingers. Talk about leaving money on the table!

There are a million reasons why people don’t respond to emails right away. The major one is procrastination. They just put it off in the moment.

It’s a benefit for them to get a quick reminder.

How We Got 86% More Of Our Emails Opened

We started applying this to our website clients, and saw our responses almost double.

Every year we do a check-in interview.

It gives people a chance to tell us what they like about the service, and what could be improved. They go over how the website helps them meet their yearly goals, and we get the context to give them better advice moving forward.

You’d think they’d be chomping at the bit to do this interview.

So when we sent out the first batch of emails, and only 5.98% of the people responded, we figured that was that. Maybe no one else had a reason to make any changes.

Cool — due diligence done, right? More like laziness…

Then we started using the Reminder Tactic. Twelve days after the initial message, we sent another email to all the people who hadn’t opened the first one.

Same exact text, with a more urgent subject line.

This second email got responses from another 5.13% of the total send. And a bunch of personal messages thanking us for the reminder, or saying they didn’t understand and needed more info.

By sending a reminder we were able to get 86% more responses.

Imagine we never sent a second email. 5.98% instead of 11.11% responses. A bunch of clients would have missed out on that personal touch. They might not have even remembered it was an option.

email subject line 1: “let’s schedule your website account review”
= 53% total opens, 5.98% total responses

email subject line 2: “**Important** I didn’t hear back from you about your website review”
= 65% total opens, 11.11% total responses

Bottom line, your open and response rates increase.

It’s The Single Easiest Step For More Email Opens, And Costs Almost No Time And Definitely No $$$

I first read about this idea in an article by Noah Kagan: Double Your Open Rate

It’s really simple to get started.

If you currently send out messages by yourself, flip the subject line after a week or so and re-send the same message.

You can use your favorite digital calendar program to remind you when to do it.

Email marketing services like Mailchimp, Constant Contact, or AWeber will identify your unopened emails from a previous campaign. Or you can use a browser extension like Yesware.

If you have a staff member or marketing team sending out your messages, ask them if they are re-sending to all unopens.

And that’s it. Sit back and reap the extra rewards for a message you already wrote.