A few positive Google reviews can be the deciding factor when someone is looking to buy from you.

But you have to make it easy for your happy customers to leave a review in the first place. I will show you how, later in this article.

First, let’s go over the reasons why you should be getting as many Google Reviews as possible.

People Want What Others Have, And A Review Is Great Social Proof

Lots of people judge a restaurant by how busy it is. On the flip side, if it’s empty, we start to wonder what’s wrong with the food.

Likewise with business reviews. If you don’t have any, it can put buyers off.

Pro Tip

A review is more powerful if it is specific. Everyone likes a story. It is also one of the best ways to tell if a review is real or fake.

Reviews Boost Local Search Rankings

Google is putting more focus on local signals. Positive reviews will help your site show up higher on Google Maps listings.

And having Google Reviews could be giving your website a bump in the regular search results as well.

The first thing is to claim or update your Google My Business listing. We lay out the instructions for doing that in Step 3 of our guide to promoting your business on the web.

Note: it does not cost anything to add, claim, or verify a Google listing. If someone tries to pressure you about it, it may be a scam.

Once you have your Google My Business listing set up, the next step is to get a bunch of reviews.

How To Make It Easy For A Customer To Give You A Positive Review On Google

1. Go to https://pleper.com/index.php?do=tools&sdo=google_review_link



2. Enter your business name in the Autocomplete field, and then select it



3. Wait for it to load your info, then click “Generate the awesome link”



4. Scroll down to find the long url for “In google search ( write review pop up )”



5. Share that link with your clients, in emails or on social media.

6. Finally, add Google reviews to your website (once you get a few good ones). Then, next to the reviews, but a button with the link from step 4 and write something like “leave your own review by clicking here”. People are influenced to take action when they see others have already done it.

Pro Tip

This may not work if you are a “service area business”. That means you don’t have a physical location.

Click to read this article that shows other ways of getting a Google Review link.

Google Reviews are getting more and more important. Both for ranking in the search results and for helping customers make buying decisions.

Take the time to do the simple steps above, or talk to your website provider about it, so you can get positive reviews on Google.

Download these instructions as a free PDF here