I’m not going to write anything new here.

But it keeps flying under the radar, so I’m going to really hammer the point home.

Do. Not. Submit.

Or to put it another way: words matter.

Most default button text shows up as “submit”.

You have the choice to change it. But you don’t.

You charitable soul! You just love giving up money, don’t you?

Unless you’ve been under a rock for the last 6 years, you’ve heard of the tv show Game Of Thrones.

It’s graphic. It’s sexy. It’s dark.

Good people get bad things done to them on Game Of Thrones.

Some of the worst stuff comes from “bending the knee”.

When a really bad, sadistic, powerful man wants to humiliate a character on the show, he tells them to “bend the knee”.

That means dropping to the ground and proclaiming that baddy as your master.

Characters always pride themselves on not bending the knee.

It’s human to not want to be seen as someone else’s property. To not submit to authority.

Especially an authority you don’t respect or trust.

So why the heck are you trying to ask your website users — who barely know you or your offer — to “submit”?

Is that a nice feeling?

“Hey, here is some stuff, blah blah… kind of something, okay now SUBMIT!”


You submit to someone who has a dagger to your throat.

You submit to someone who has captured your children.

This is not a word that carries with it a pleasant connotation.

(side note: when I was in grade 10 I learned about connotations… that means the idea or feeling a word brings to your mind)

When you write button text, try to see it from the point of view of what your user is getting.

People like to get things:

“See the list”

“Get the report”

“Read about the latest tips”

That type of button text converts more.

Don’t waste your time or the user’s time. Make a button that converts.

Even simpler — “Let’s Go!” or “Send”. Those feel more inviting and exciting than “submit”.

Stop asking your website users to bend the knee.

Don’t believe me? You skeptic you.

Here’s some proof: